7 Benefits of Almond Milk

7 Benefits of Almond Milk

Many people today are looking for an alternative to dairy milk for a variety of reasons such as lactose intolerance and allergies to dairy products, people who are following a vegan or paleo diet and others who are just looking for a or healthy substitute to cows milk. Almond milk is the perfect milk substitute, and the benefits of almond milk are huge.

Almond milk has been around since people began eating almonds. Very recently, there has been a resurgence in it’s popularity due to the numerous health benefits.

Besides tasting good and being a nutritional powerhouse, there are other benefits of almond milk.

These are our top 7 benefits of almond milk

1. Almond milk is lactose free

As it is a plant derivative it does not contain any lactose which can cause bloating and discomfort in some people.

2. It helps maintain strong bones and teeth

Because it is rich in calcium. This is particularly beneficial for women and children.

3. Almond milk is great for weight loss

The low calories in almond milk is a major benefit for people who are watching their weight

4. It is loaded with essential nutrients

Such as manganese, selenium, magnesium, vitamin E, zinc, fiber, potassium, phosphorous and iron. We cover the full spectrum of almonds’ health benefits in our article, “Are Almonds Good for You?” Those benefits also apply to the nutritional value of almond milk.

5. Almond milk improves eye and skin health

Because it contains vitamins A and E.

6. It is suitable for diabetics

Because it contains less carbohydrates and calories than cows milk enabling the body to fully digest the sugars and obtain energy required for better functioning.

7. There are no antibiotics or hormones in to be found in almond milk

Which is always a plus. One of the major problems with the modern American diet is the prevalence of antibiotics, hormones, and other unnatural or synthetic products.

For your reference, here is an example of almond milk nutrition facts. This is for unsweetened, Blue Diamond almond milk. If you want to reap the health benefits of drinking almond milk, it is absolutely critical that you buy unsweetened. Sweetened versions of almond milk (including chocolate almond milk) are more of a dessert food than a healthy milk substitute. The sweetened versions are packed with sugar, so avoid those!

7 Almond Milk Health Benefits

With is slightly nutty flavor and subtle sweetness almond milk is a tasty alternative in baking, cooking and anything else that requires the use of milk. Best of all is that you never need run out of milk again if you have raw almonds in your pantry as it is simple and easy to make yourself by soaking one cup of almonds in three cups of water overnight.