Carrot Juice Benefits

Carrot Juice Benefits

We have all heard when we were younger how eating carrots will help us to see in the dark. It is what our parents told us when they noticed us leaving these powerful antioxidants on the side of our plates. Carrot juice benefits the body and the mind. The nutrients allow you to see better in the dark and it is a well-known fact that health and nutrition experts have been trying to tell us for decades.

It is also worth noting that 8oz of carrot juices benefits your body by providing as much as eight times the Vitamin A we need each day. It is vital that Vitamin A is regularly taken because it aids tissue and bone development. So carrot juice benefits those tissues and bones and also aids our sight at night. It is known that a lack of Vitamin A can lead to night time blindness or very poor vision in a dark room.

Carrot juice benefits your eyesight, so there is a lot of truth in the statement that we may have once thought of as a myth. Fresh carrot juice is said to be the best vegetable juice you can drink as it contains a number of minerals and vitamins and is also high in beta-carotene. If you have a weak immune season and find you regularly catch colds every winter, carrot juice benefits this condition by strengthening the body’s ability to fight against infection and disease.

A 200g glass of fresh carrot juice will give you as much as 6mg of the vital daily Vitamin A. This is the vitamin that so often escapes from our bodies very quickly, so a daily drink of carrot juice benefits the body and its need to be topped up with daily Vitamin A. Carrot juice benefits those with eye problems and skin complaints by assisting poor night vision and those with dry, flaky skin.

If you notice that your hands are looking a little dry or in need a little natural oil, it may be that you have a slight deficiency of Vitamin A. A small glass of carrot juice benefits the body with a solution to this skin complaint, and you should notice the results within a day or two. Carrot juice benefits pregnant and breast feeding mums too and these health benefits will be passed on to your baby too.

The Health Benefits of Drinking Carrot Juice

Carrots are one of the healthiest vegetables. They are nutrient packed ad are good for both kids and adults. Carrot juice is known to be nutritious and good for the body. It has several benefits which are attributed to why an increasing number of people are choosing to drink it as a healthy lifestyle choice. This article will highlight carrot juice benefits.

Here are the nutrition facts for 1 cup (236g) of carrot juice:

Carrot Juice Nutrition Facts

Carrot Juice is highly nutritious

Carrot Juice has beta carotene which is beneficial to the body. It gives it Vitamin A, Vitamin E, B Vitamins and many other minerals. A small amount of carrot juice taken alongside milk helps to satisfy the vitamin A requirements of a baby. There is no risk of overdosing hence it is convenient.

Pregnant women also stand to benefit from it. It is good for prenatal health. They are advised to incorporate a small amount of it in their diets.

Carrot juice has nutrients that are essential for the body. It helps to improve eyesight along with bones and joints. In addition, it also helps to prevent anemia and cleanse the liver.

Carrot Juice Benefit #1: Carrot juice is packed with nutrients like beta carotene and vitamins.

Carrot Juice can decrease cancer risk

The juice is known to minimize the chances of getting multiple types of cancer including breast and skin cancer. The properties that help it to fight cancer are due to the high amounts of beta carotene, which changes to Vitamin A. According to studies Vitamin A has been linked to cancer prevention. Its antioxidant properties help eliminate the free radicals that cause cancer from the body.

Steve Jobs is known to have used a fruitarian diet in an attempt to treat his case of cancer, and his diet incorporated carrot juice. Unfortunately, his attempt to recover was unsuccessful. Please note: curing cancer is not a carrot juice benefit! Carrot juice will only decrease your risk of developing cancer.

Carrot Juice Benefit #2: Carrot juice can decrease your risk of developing cancer.

Are there any other carrot juice benefits?

The two carrot juice benefits listed above are the ones we want to emphasize most, but here are two more that are also good to know about:

Drinking a glass of carrot juice on a daily basis helps to flush out toxins. Inflammation will be reduced and the skin, hair and nails will be nourished and protected with the help of the antioxidants. The end result will be that you will have glowing skin.

Carrot Juice Benefit #3: Carrot juice flushes toxins, improving skin, hair, and nail health.

Diabetics are strongly advised to watch their blood sugar. One of the ways that they do this is by consuming foods and drinks that will not affect the blood sugar levels in the body. Fortunately for them carrot juice has a low glycemic load of 8, which makes carrot juice an ideal beverage for diabetics.

Carrot Juice Benefit #4: Carrot juice has a low glycemic load.

That makes 4 huge carrot juice benefits!

But be sure to include other vegetables in your diet (or in your juice recipes!).

If you want a complete health drink you should combine carrot juice with other types of vegetables or fruit juices such as tomato, beet or orange. The blend will be highly beneficial for your health. It will be full of rich vitamin A and E content. Carrot juice benefits make it a highly nutritious drink that will really benefit your help if you consume it regularly.