Why Eat Local? Pros and Cons of Going Farm to Table

Why Eat Local? Pros and Cons of Going Farm to Table

Eating healthy can be a challenge. Your taste buds will tell you it’s easier to eat foods that taste great, but oftentimes those are not the healthiest options. Further, before you can eat healthy, you have to learn how to build a healthy diet in the first place. Sometimes healthier foods are harder to obtain, either because they are less available (you won’t see many healthy options at McDonald’s or Wendy’s) or more expensive. However, there are things you can do to make eating healthier easier, less expensive and more enjoyable. One straightforward change you can make is the switch to buying and eating local foods, or — put more simply — eating farm to table.

Why eat organic? Why eat local? There are many advantages to doing so. The most obvious advantage is that when you eat food that is local you eat healthier food. It is easy to understand that eating fruits and vegetables, as well as other local, natural produce, provides you with a healthier diet than eating foods that are full of preservatives and other chemicals. These types of foods may be riddled with pesticides, growth hormones and other trace toxic substances. This can prevent you from eating the healthy foods that you think you are getting and can essentially flood your body with all kinds of synthetic chemicals that can make you feel sluggish and cause disease.

Another advantage of eating local is that you are supporting the local farmers in the area. This is vitally important in order to keep food prices down across the country and to be able to get foods that are as fresh as possible. It is beneficial to all parties involved to support local farmers because you have the opportunity to get food when it is at its freshest. Moreover, the local farmers have the opportunity to make a decent living off of growing fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as producing other types of food.

Eating food that is grown from local farmers can also be more cost effective. While it is true that purchasing food from the local supermarket may be slightly more expensive, purchasing the same food from local farmers is often far more cost effective than shopping at a supermarket. This is because farmers have the chance to set their own prices when you purchase food directly from them. This makes buying food less costly for you and your family and it gives farmers the chance to stay in business so that you have access to affordable food.

There are few disadvantages to eating local foods. However, there are a couple of things that will sometimes pose some minor disadvantages. One of those disadvantages is a potential lack of availability that may exist within your given community. While many local communities have embraced the idea of supporting local farmers, there are still some communities where it is difficult at best to purchase directly from farm to table. While this attitude is changing, you may have to purchase your food from a neighboring community if you happen to live in one of these areas where it is not possible to do so in your own hometown.

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There are many different ways that you can purchase food locally. It will vary depending on the area in which you live. You may be able to purchase local food from a nearby farmer’s market or you may even find a local farm stand that you can buy from directly. In some areas, you can go to the farm itself and purchase food locally. Some farms even allow you to pick your own food so that you can get exactly what you want. Regardless of the particular fashion in which you purchase your local food, you can typically find the freshest and best tasting food when you buy it from local growers.

In closing, it is easy to understand why so many people choose to eat from farm to table. There are many  reasons to buy food from local growers: the increased health benefits, coupled with more cost effective shopping and better taste are definitely reason enough to make almost anyone want to eat local foods. When you consider all of these benefits in conjunction with the relatively few issues associated with purchasing food locally, there is simply no reason not to buy and eat local foods.