What is Good Food?

If you’ve read our about page, you know that we are here to spread the word about Good Food. Of course, you may have asked yourself, “what is good food?”. Here’s the answer.

In fact, the word “Good” can be used to describe many kinds of food, and thus we must establish our own, fully inclusive definition of “Good Food.”

So what is good food? In fact, it’s quite simple for us to define Good Food: food that is good in every aspect.

Here’s how we break it down. There are three components required to make a food a Good Food:

1. Good Food is healthy

Good Food has to nourish the body without clogging arteries, slowing metabolism, causing weight gain, or causing brain fog. Good Food is the food that makes you and your body feel good.

2. Good Food is tasty

A healthy diet, can and should be quite tasty. No one wants to waste their tastebuds eating bland foods all their lives. We’ll give you foods that are good for your body as well as your tastebuds. Without this piece, no diet is sustainable.

3. Good Food is affordable

We know that eating healthy can be more expensive than grabbing fast food every day — trust me, we know. There are certain foods, however, that will actually be less expensive than their unhealthy counterparts. We’ll tell you which foods those are. Not only is Good Food good for your body and tastebuds, but also for your wallet!

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